A cure against the M$ Windows Product Activation

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DAntiwpa-V3.4.6 for X64 and X86.ZiPZiP2291327.08.2011 10:16:10
DGeneric Antiwpa-2.3-WinXP-2k3.ZiPZiP5565527.08.2011 10:16:11
DInformation regarding this mirror.txttxt12620.08.2012 23:20:19
Ddownload.phpphp454510.04.2021 20:29:53
Dindex.htmlhtml24929.12.2018 21:13:26
VOther20.10.2018 15:15:25
Vsrc20.10.2018 15:15:25
Vvista20.10.2018 15:15:25

AntiWPA Forum
(use only in case this site or main forum is down or currently unavailable)
Please prefer the forum for questions.
However to send files use: cw2k{at}

Hints for newbies - Which Antiwpa is the right for me?
Windows XP, 2003 and 64 Bit Windows => Antiwpa 3
Windows Vista => Vista\Developer Activation-patch

Go to 'others' for the Office 2003, Terminalserver patch & the Windows Genuine Advantage stuff


18.06.2010 Minor Bugfix: 'Windows System File Protection Patch' adding 'Enable/Disable to the WFP' to the Explorer Folder Options is now done correctly
15.06.2010 Bugfix: Bugfix for Office 2003 Build 8324 (now also Outlook runs again without any productkey)
18.01.2009 Bugfix: (Bugfix for Office 2003 Build 8221)
01.05.2009 Updated: Antiwpa2.3 (Critical bugfix: 'Restore' delete winlogon.exe)

Anti Driver Signing Patch & SP3-VLK-Crack v2(Alpha)
Updated: Antiwpa2.2
Add: Visual Basic 6 Portable to Src\
Minor changes inside: Windows System File Protection

09.08.2008 BugFix: Anti Windows File Protection 1.2
Terminalserver Device Redirector Bugfix
20.01.2008 Terminalserver no restriction patch 1.3 (XP SP3) added
23.10.2007 Bugfix: (added support for Office 2003 SP3)
Generic LANServer Patch(EvID4226) to allow more than 10 halfopen TCP-IP-connections
21.10.2007 Add WGABlinder4 & cleaned up the WGA-patches mess - now there are only 2 that are working and not 6 that are all not working anymore
01.10.2007 Organised new free webspace...
07.08.2007 Old forum seems to be down permanently down + DeadLinks removed.
Forum relaunched (Thanks fly out to Schadowchaser!)
01.08.2007 myAutoIt3 open source Decompiler 1.7
25.05.2007 AutoIt3 Decompiler update (for 3.2.4 scripts)
06.04.2007 Bugfix:
31.12.2006 Most mirror went down :( - updated Mainsite
Added WGA Legitlib RegFix & ie7_setup_WGA-fix
06.12.2006 Forum is back (Thanks goes to SCORPiON! ) Site update + new mirrowsites
(Thank to Solent and SCORPiON!)
18.11.2006 ...Again a kick - man and I was merely starting to be afraid they forgot about me...
So now it's!
07.11.2006 WGA-Fix for Internet Explorer 7 added
22.10.2006 Terminalserver no restriction patch 1.2 added
12.09.2006 Bookmarks hyperlinked & 'Hints for newbies' added
02.08.2006 We got a new mirrors - by SCORPiON
and - by pathogen
Thanks all you for your support!
20.07.2006 Site was delete - recreate & upped site again
22.06.2006 Site was kicked - Moved to
23.05.2006 Main forum is back! Big thanks goes to eremini for making this possible.
Update Vista 5xxx Antiwpa 0.3
21.05.2006 Organised some temporary webspace + forum - now Antiwpa is back
19.05.2006 Webhoster in Malaysia got mail from our old friend ...
11.05.2006 Disable GZip-Option in Forum setting - now Forum should work again as usual
1.April.2006 Cool we got a new Mirror - Thanks goes to StirolXXX !
...and no I'm not joking ;)
25.03.06 Again some attact nullphear got bad mail and was forced to remove
'' also redirector antiwpa5/ were killed.
So I created
11.03.06 Finally the old antiwpa4-forum is back including a new domain+webspace (with php&mysql support:).
Thanks goes to eremini who made this possible!
20.02.06 Site was kicked - Now it's online again as
06.01.06 Antiwpa-Vista 5270 (32+64bit) winlogon+SLC.dll added
29.12.05 Readme.txt of Anti Windows Product Activation Patch 3.4.6 Updated
Removed Old cjb-forum link because it got blocked
25.11.05 Added Readme to cracked pidgen 1.1
22.11.05 Bugfix: now really contains Version1.3 (and not 1.2)
30.10.05 Fixed some mySQL Problem - Forum is now working again.
29.09.05 Readded: Windows Genuine Advantage Fix 1.4
Counterfreezer 1.0 utils (Antiwpa3 win2k3 fix)
bundle together with reset-wpa-timer & set-oobe-activated
23.09.05 Well eremini got some bad mail...
... so now I'm back on Added PencilNecks antiwpa3 integration patch 1.1
17.09.05 Redirector was block - moved to
14.08.05 I'd setup my own forum at
Now the forum is ad free and much faster than the old one.
Finally I've full access to the forum & mysql database so i can
do backups of the whole forum.
13.08.05 I moved to btwarehouse. Big thanks goes to eremini for generously providing the webspace!
Added: Windows Genuine Advantage Fix 1.2
Added: for wpa.dbl
Updated: Anti Windows Product Activation Patch 3.4.4
06.07.05 Updated: Anti Windows Product Activation Patch 3.4.2
17.05.05 Updated: Anti Windows Product Activation Patch 3.4
24.04.05 Added: Anti Windows Product Activation Patch 3.3
Readded: Anti Product Activation Patch 1.2 for Office 2003 & XP
20.05.05 was delete - I hope will last longer
URL in Antiwpa 2 & 3 zip updated
04.05.05 Old Forum was also deleted by
21.04.05 is blocked - so I moved to
Added: Anti Windows Product Activation Patch 3.1
08.04.05 Updated: Anti Windows Product Activation Patch 2.1.0
Updated: DPCDLL-LicViewer+SRC (inside
05.04.05 Updated: Anti Product Activation Patch 1.1 for Office 2003 & XP
02.04.05 Sources for TS-Free 1-1 released
15.03.05 binarys & OllyDebug symbols for winlogon added to \cracknfo
09.03.05 Anti Product Activation Patch for Office 2003 & XP
DPCDLL-LicViewer added to
14.02.05 Antiwpa-User32.dll-implementation
Cab-pack for integrating winlogon.exe into setup
06.02.05 Windows System File Protection Patch 1.1
24.12.04 New forum (Sorry, the old forum was delete without any warning when I clicked on the update link.)
17.12.04 Terminalserver no restriction patch 1.1
Windows System File Protection Patch


About my Webspace:
Wow is cool - you get there 2,5GB Webspace, PHP, FTP and MYSQL (but my site lasted there only about 2h). seem to be more tolerant gives also PHP, FTP and MYSQL, Speciality:Allows only *.zip(no *. rar or *.7z) same as with speciality that you need to rename *.zip to *.Zip (or *.ZiP) and *.rar to *.rAr to be able to upload this filestypes.


About my redirector:
Get a free .tk-domain
'set Ads in frame' and get& modify 'index.htm' from that page (http:\\anti...\index.htm)
But at .tk there is sometimes a 3 sec ad before the page is loaded you can't 'defeat' by html.